Bearing Applications Engineering

The selection of the proper bearings for all mechanical systems is essential to the functional and commercial success of that system. The bearings must not only be of the correct functional type and size, but also the right material and have the proper lubricant to ensure reliability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. The bearings must be matched to the operating environment and handled and installed correctly for the system to be successful.

Our bearing application knowledge is customer-focused on difficult challenges and cost-driven initiatives. TBP application engineers can facilitate making proper bearing selections and in establishing operating environments that lead to optimum system performance.

Some Application Considerations

At TBP, the selection of the best product goes beyond the part’s type, size, material, and lubricant. Our application engineering team evaluates a number of conditions to determine the optimal recommendation. These considerations include, but are not limited to:

  • Stack up tolerances
  • Material selections based upon the operating environment
  • Mating tolerances and materials
  • Proper bearing installation including appropriate tools
  • Expected life
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Need and impact of seals and shields on performance
  • Lubrication type selection
  • Lubrication quantity/fill amount
  • Re-lubrication method
  • Application of barrier film

While the detailed specifications found on our website along with TBPs technical documents are intended to provide you with as much information as possible for you to make the appropriate choice for your application, it is impossible to cover all aspects of bearing selection due to the vast number of variables involved. Depending on your application, TBP’s application engineering team will employ a wide range of criteria and selection parameters to ensure you select the best possible product for your design.