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We offer you high-quality components for designing and maintaining a power transmission system, on fast turnaround.  Each can be customised to meet your specific needs. A choice of bearings, seals and lubricants is also available, offering you the full spectrum of products from a single source.

We offer both standard and special bearings for all industrial applications as well as technical services, including product development, application engineering, consulting, documentation.

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We supply the most comprehensive range of bearings, and other precision industrial and automotive equipment .


Rolling bearings support and guide rotating or oscillating machine elements – such as shafts, axles or wheels – and transfer loads between machine components. . Explore our wide assortment of rolling bearings, accessories and services that best meet your specific performance needs.

Power Transmission Products

Power Transmission is a product line that provides a complete range of high quality belts, chains, couplings, pulleys, sprockets, bushings and hubs. Required in virtually every industry, power transmission components enable processes to run by connecting moving parts in machinery.

Linear Systems & Guideways

Linear bearings, profiled linear guideways , measuring systems, gear racks, slides, positioning systems used for from machine tool, solar technology and semiconductor technology to electrical engineering and medical engineering and others.

Create your power transmission solutions using our vast product range, backed by years of industry expertise.

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Quality products and services to meet demanding military mission requirements for ground, air and marine equipment.

With high running accuracy, high-speed performance, and high system rigidity, Super-precision bearings are ideal for machine tools spindle units. The bearings are designed also to minimize noise, vibration and heat generation.

Solutions to deliver optimal performance ratings for applications used in oilfields and other oil and gas environments.

Our Bearing Solutions  provide the Cement and related industries with the reliability, sustainability and toughness required to withstand the critical processing factors of water, dust and grit, extreme temperatures, vibration and huge loads

Bearings ,Parts and kits to carry out complete repairs for virtually every automotive make and model in the world.

We deliver bearings to all metallurgical processes from the preparation of the raw material, through the smelting process, right up to the final rolled product. We are knowledgeable about reliable bearings for continuous casting machines, rolling mills, converters and conveyors.

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