Miniature & Instrument Ball Bearings

Our family of miniature & instrument ball bearings consists of high-precision bearings utilized in small, highly sensitive mechanical assemblies and other applications where high speeds, low torque, and reduced noise and vibration are primary concerns. Products include standard catalog bearings, specialty designs for ultra-high-speed operation (500,000 rpm), duplex and super duplex bearings, and custom solutions for demanding applications.

Standard variations to the basic types shown below include the addition of flanges, shields and seals, extended inner rings, reinforced outer rings, and modified dimensions. Additionally, we offer many component options that will enhance performance and extend the operating life of precision miniature & instrument ball bearings.

Niche and next-level solutions, like all-ceramic bearings, super duplex ball bearings, and precision mechanical subassemblies, are available through us.

The Challenges of Miniaturization

Although extremely versatile, miniature bearings can present various maintenance and flexibility challenges; the smaller the bearing, the more important it is to stay aware of these concerns. Firstly, regular maintenance is required in order to maintain longevity and smooth operation. To ensure this, regular lubrication or built-in bearing lubrication is paramount.

Also, sizing and capacity options can be relatively limited for miniature bearings, presenting an issue for higher-load projects. If your application demands a range of sizes or widths, be sure to pair with a company that can provide the appropriate bearings or customization services as needed.

In some instances, small bearing size can preclude design flexibility as well. Pair with a supplier that can offer the options you need, whether you’re looking for corrosion-resistant coatings, ceramic balls, or interchangeable components.

Main Applications

Household appliances manufacturers, Office automation equipment manufacturers, Automobile manufacturers, Information and Telecommunications manufacturers

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