Electric Motor Bearing Fits and Clearances

FAQ on Motor Bearings
1.What Kinds of Fits are  to be maintained on the Shaft & Housing ?
Ans :Refer the enclosed ISO Tolerances for Details
2. Is end cover supposed to be changed every time ?
Ans : No
3.Is bearing Adhesives a good option ?
Ans : No sealants or loctite  is recommended to be applied on the bearing
4.Is “ C3 “ Clearance  must or  optional
Ans: Refer the enclosed ISO Tolerances for Details
If the parts are old and no reconditioning is done on the mating components
then there will be lesser reduction in radial clearance and hence if the original bearing was a C3 then a normal bearing would also work satisfactorily.

But if the shaft and housing are reconditioned then we will have to check
the dimensions and then decide the bearing clearance accordingly.
5.What Lubricants are recommended

Ans : Depends on application , size and speed of motor.